What is God’s favorite color?

One of the privileges in my life is walking.  It is also a requirement for my physical strength (which is shot) and my intellectual strength (which also is shot).  In addition, when one has lived and does live a sedentary life, being outdoors is a very pleasant addition to the day.

Spring is a beautiful time to be outdoors.  The flowers and flowering trees are such a pleasant contrast to the drab winter.  The sky is so blue and as I thought about it, it seemed that blue must be God’s favorite color.  The sky is so vast and limitless and on some days the blue is so deep and yet so brilliant and beautiful.  Since the sky covers the entire earth and there is so much beautiful blue, that must be God’s favorite color.

But when I bring my eyes down from the sky all I see is green.  The trees are full of green leaves.  The green evergreens continue with their green.  The base of most plants that produce flowers is green.  Then there is the green grass.  In the spring the green of the grass is so lush.  In other parts of the world there is the green jungle and the rain forests which are so green.  Since the earth is covered with beautiful green vegetation, green must be God’s color.

Still another beauty in the Midwest is winter with the snow.  Watching snow fall and cover the ground is to beautiful.  But the most beautiful sight is when it is done and the trees, vegetation, ground, drives, houses, etc., are covered with dazzling white snow.  What a beautiful sight.  The Bible helps with understanding that beauty with a superior description.  In Isaiah 1:18 God says sins that are red like crimson He will make like wool and sins that are like scarlet He will be make as white as snow.  Since God covers many parts of the earth with the beautiful snow that reminds us of His regeneration work, so white must be His favorite color.

Then I reflect on that Isaiah passage and become convinced my favorite color is God’s favorite color.  Mine is the crimson that is part of the Indiana University school colors of cream and crimson.  It is even mentioned in that verse in Isaiah.  Red must be God’s favorite color since that is the color He gave blood when He created humanity.  That blood red color was what the Passover angel saw when he passed over the Israelites as they prepared to leave the bondage of Egypt.  God says that without the shedding of the red blood there is no payment for sins.  Putting that with what is taught in that Isaiah verse brings us to some interesting color concepts.  When the red blood of Christ is applied to our scarlet and crimson red sins they become white as snow.  That is an astounding miracle.  But it requires the red blood of Christ for it to happen.  So red must be God’s favorite color.

As I have reflected on these colors I have concluded that no one single color is God’s favorite color.  His favorite color is all of them as seen in the rainbow.  God delights in many colors as seen in the description of the fabulous colors of the jewels on the foundation of the New Jerusalem in Revelation 21:19-21.  His favorite color is very like a mixture of colors.  I would suggest that His favorite color is the skin color of everyone who places their trust in His Son’s substitutionary death as a payment for their sins.  This color is so delightful to him that He has populated the earth with those colors and will spend eternity in fellowship with those people and their colors.  So you can probably say God’s favorite color is us.

Bob Smith
Dr. Bob Smith, a retired physician, is co-founder of Faith Baptist Counseling Ministries. He is an instructor and counselor for Faith Biblical Counseling Ministries, where he oversees the training certification of several counselors. He is author of several books. Bob teaches several adult ministry classes and serves as the Chairman of deacons for Faith Church.