Staff Commentary: Crimson


Don’t cry
Don’t let the tears fall
They only prove you weaker than you’re
Already thought to be
Hide it.
Pretend everything’s fine
Maybe you’ll convince yourself
Or maybe you’ll sink deeper into the rabbit hole
And drown a slow, painful death
You don’t deserve to die quickly
You deserve every scratch
Every cut
Every bite
Every drop of crimson blood
Trailing down your arm

Sometimes it’s really hard to watch the residents we love so much hurting so deeply.

However, one of the things we believe is that Romans 8:18-19 is true. It says that the sufferings of this present time are not worth comparing with the glory that will be revealed in us. II Corinthians 4:16-18 says that these earthly trials are working for our eternal good, and that makes the suffering of our life bearable.

Our prayer for our VOH girls who are suffering is that they will learn to walk with their hand in the hand of the Father who wants them healed and whole more than they do. As they learn to walk with God, they will learn to trust his goodness and put their hope in his sovereign plan.

Our prayer for the girls that are thinking about coming to VOH but haven’t talked themselves into it yet… “God, help them suffer enough to figure out that they need you. Then don’t let them stop looking until they find You! If you can use VOH in the process to help that hurting girl get the answers she needs, please make it happen in your sovereign plan for her good and your glory.”

Jocelyn Wallace
Jocelyn was the executive director of the Vision of Hope residential treatment center ( on the campus of Faith Ministries until 2013. Her experience in the biblical counseling field goes back to 2002, and includes work in parachurch organizations and Faith Biblical Counseling Ministries.