The Veil is Torn!

Easter is a great time of year to really think through the implications of everything that happened as a result of Christ’s death, burial, and resurrection.  One of the most significant events happened right after Christ uttered those awesome words, “It is finished!”  There were earthquakes, the sky grew dark, and then one of the most visually profound events occurred.  The veil in the temple that had separated all of humanity from God’s presence was torn from top to bottom.

We sing praise songs that mention the veil being torn (I know at Faith we sing several), but sometimes I wonder if we really understand the magnitude of what we’re praising God for when we bring up that particular event. First of all, there’s no doubt that it was a supernatural event (the veil was massive and thick…four inches thick and weighing in at about 4 tons!)  Second, when we sing about the veil being torn we’re acknowledging that we now have direct access to God.  Christ alone is our mediator; not an earthly priest.  This is huge for New Testament worshipers.  It means that when we come before God in worship, there’s nothing holding us back from His presence.  In fact, as His people, we are the temple of God, and He is dwelling in us.

So here’s my question for you…do you worship in the reality of God’s presence or in the delusion of His absence?

Titus Curtis
Titus has a degree in cross-cultural ministry and was on staff at Faith from 2000-2012.