Elementary Art

Elementary school girl paintingOur art department is growing by leaps and bounds!  This is consistent with helping students be good stewards of their role as God’s image-bearers and creators of culture.  Students experience a wide and growing range of art instruction and hands-on activities while learning elements and principles of art and design at the national standard age-appropriate levels.  All 1st – 6th graders enjoy art class every week in the high school art room.  A weekly after-school art club was also recently started.

Students use a variety of media from clay sculpting, paper manipulation, painting (watercolor, tempera or acrylic), and even yarn gluing!  They also create collages, use drawing media (oil pastel, colored pencil, pencil and crayon), make crafts, and do printmaking.

Community Opportunities

Students recently created art to classical symphony music (such as Mendelssohn, Debussy, and Vivaldi) for the “Symphony in Color” competition sponsored by the Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra.  Six elementary art students were selected to represent FCS, and 4th grader Elena Lendermon became a state finalist! Her artwork will be displayed in the Indiana State Museum.

This year FCS is participating in “The Joy of Children’s Art” annual youth art show hosted by the Tippecanoe Arts Federation (TAF). The exhibition runs through March 25 in the Historic Wells Building. Works are on display from students in various schools, including these students from FCS: Kate Starr, Hope Toyra, Elly Hume, Alexander Deen, Samuel Overly, Kielyn Ivy, and Quaid Pearson.

New Technology

The new interactive projector graciously purchased for the art room at the Eagle Auction is  mounted and in daily use!  This will make art history come to life and will open many more teaching options about particular artists and historical artwork.


The mission of Faith Christian School is to “help parents raise their children to live effectively in God’s world.” At FCS, we believe that “solid foundations equal strong futures.” Our art department is a vital piece of those foundations, and we are very thankful for Mrs. Albaugh!

Jonathan Lambeth