Welcome to the FBC Blog

Welcome matLet’s Chat

One of the reasons we’re launching a blog is to have an opportunity to interact more with our members and friends. Many of us can interact with each other on Sundays and Wednesdays, and anyone can have small conversations with us on our Facebook page. For those who prefer micro-conversations, we’re even on Twitter. But what’s been missing is a way for pastors to share more complex information–such as ministry updates, devotionals, answers to questions, reviews and recommendations, etc.  A blog gives us the platform to do that, while also inviting conversations about those topics.

We don’t want to just hear your comments though; we also want your questions. We’ll take all kinds of questions too: questions about what the Bible says about a certain topic, questions about how to deal with difficult circumstances in your own life–or how to help others deal with theirs. Just submit a question for consideration anytime. (If your question is related to teens or parents of teens, you might want to submit it for the Ask Andy blog instead.)

Why a Separate Site?

We know–you probably want to access the blog on our regular web site. So do we. Our plan is to have our blog nicely integrated into our regular site once the new site comes online (it’s in the works right now). But we didn’t want to wait, so we figured that launching a blog separately from our current site was better than doing nothing for now. Don’t agree? No problem–you can keep up-to-date with the posts without ever visiting this site…

Just Send it To Me!

People watch a lot of web sites for news and updates, so we’ve made it easy for you to add us to the mix. If you use one of the several readers found on this page, you can subscribe using your reader. But if you prefer to get content delivered via email, we offer that too.

And Without Further Ado…

…welcome to the FBC blog. You’ll begin seeing new posts from the pastors in the next few days. Please give us your feedback as we go, and help us make this an excellent resource for you and others.

Brian Nicholson
Brian Nicholson is the former Director of Electronic Communications at Faith Ministries.