Hope for the Hard Days

In Psalm 147, we see God’s power and might on display. It speaks of Him as the Healer, the One who numbers the stars, limitless, and our Sustainer. In light of all His power, God does not delight in our might or abilities. Instead, Psalm 147 comments,

“His delight is not in the strength of the horse,
nor His pleasure in the legs of a man,” (v. 10, ESV)

What struck me is how much hope this gives for the hard days—the ones that seem like nothing is accomplished and the day was wasted. The days where my limitations are ever before me.

You see, I like accomplishing things. I like serving others and feeling useful. For years I prided myself on what I could accomplish and how helpful I was. And in God’s sovereignty, He humbled me by giving me many limitations. Some days feel wasted in my mind due to my finiteness. Some of the things that I once loved I can’t do as easily, if at all.

But God doesn’t take pleasure in my prideful accomplishments. His values aren’t like mine. While I like to take pleasure in my productivity or usefulness, He takes pleasure in something totally different:

“…but the Lord takes pleasure in those who fear Him,
in those who hope in His steadfast love. (v. 11, ESV)

So you and I can be pleasing to the Lord even on those difficult days, not because of what we do, but because of our hope in Him. His pleasure is not what we do, or else we’d have a works-based salvation. It’s based on the finished work of Christ.

This deeply challenges me. Some days limitations feel like a bad thing. But the truth in Psalm 147 is very hopeful, because God can take pleasure in me even on the days where my to-do list is untouched. Because He desires that I fear Him and put my hope in Him more than He wants me to be busy. My joy can be found in Him no matter what my outward circumstances look like on any given day.

Isn’t that encouraging?

Let’s pray that our hope would be in God’s steadfast love.

Allison Griffin
One of Allison’s passions includes helping others understand and apply the gospel with grace. Allison longs for those around her to be discipled through God’s Word, and enjoys using writing as an avenue. Currently, she serves as an intern at Vision of Hope, to study and glean more experience in biblical counseling.