7 Resources on a Theology of Biblical Counseling

What makes biblical counseling truly biblical? These 7 resources on a theology of biblical counseling help us to answer this vital question. 

Adams, Jay. A Theology of Christian Counseling: More Than Redemption

A Theology of Christian Counseling connects biblical doctrine with practical living. Salvation, that central concern of Protestant theology, is often too narrowly defined. It is thought of as “being saved from the consequences of sin.” But God is doing much more. He is making something new out of the old sinful nature. He is, in Christ, making new creatures. In this book, the reader will gain an insight into the rich theological framework that supports and directs a biblical approach to counseling. And the connection between solid theology and practical application will become compelling.

Biblical Counseling Coalition. Biblical Counseling Coalition Confessional Statement

The Confessional Statement of the Biblical Counseling Coalition was nearly a year in the making, as over three dozen biblical counseling leaders collaborated to outline a dozen summary statements describing what makes biblical counseling truly biblical. The conclusion outlines the Coalition’s answer to this question: “Biblical counseling occurs whenever and wherever God’s people engage in conversations that are anchored in Scripture, centered on Christ and the Gospel, grounded in sound theology, dependent upon the Holy Spirit and prayer, directed toward sanctification, rooted in the life of the church, founded in love, attentive to heart issues, comprehensive in understanding, thorough in care, practical and relevant, and oriented toward outreach.”

Kellemen, Bob. Gospel-Centered Counseling: How Christ Changes Lives

Everyone talks about the personal ministry of the Word, but how do we make one-another ministry truly biblical? Gospel-Centered Counseling equips readers to change lives with Christ’s changeless truth. It does so by examining life’s eight ultimate questions and then guiding readers on a journey that explores the biblical, gospel-centered narrative of each question. It provides a biblical counseling theology—applied to daily Christian living—of all the classic categories of systematic theology. Gospel-Centered Counseling is ideal for equipping biblical counselors in churches, colleges, graduate schools, seminaries, and para-church training institutes.

Lambert, Heath. A Theology of Biblical Counseling: The Doctrinal Foundations of Counseling Ministry

A Theology of Biblical Counseling unpacks the core theological convictions that underlie sound counseling, and practical wisdom for counseling today. Heath Lambert shows how biblical counseling is rooted in the Scriptures, while illustrating the challenges counselors face through true stories from the counseling room.  A substantive textbook written in accessible language, it is useful for training biblical counselors at colleges, seminaries, and training institutes. In each chapter, doctrine comes to life in real ministry to real people, dramatically demonstrating how theology intersects with the lives of actual counselees.

Lelek, Jeremy. Biblical Counseling Basics: Roots, Beliefs, and Future

Drawing from a wide range of resources and experts in Christian soul care, this book is a well-researched, easy-to-read, and practical guide for students and counselors both inside and outside of biblical counseling who want to better understand its aspects, methods, and goals. Biblical Counseling Basics equips readers with practical skills for one-another ministry and engages them with their divine call to counsel. 

MacArthur, John, Editor. Counseling: How to Counsel Biblically

In this multi-authored work, solid theological foundations of biblical counseling are clearly presented in contrast to humanistic and secular theories of psychological counseling. A practical, proactive, and relevant book for students, church leaders, and lay people.

Tautges, Paul. Counsel One Another: A Theology of Interpersonal Discipleship

Solidly rooted in the belief that the Scriptures are sufficient for every soul-related struggle in life, and committed to the truth that the Holy Spirit is competent to accomplish the work of sanctification, this paradigm-shifting book will challenge every believer. Counsel One Another biblically presents, and thoroughly defends, every believer’s responsibility to work toward God’s goal to conform us to the image of His Son—a goal that will not be reached apart from a targeted form of discipleship, most often referred to as counseling.

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Bob KellemenBob Kellemen
Bob Kellemen, Th.M., Ph.D.: Dr. Kellemen is VP of Strategic Development and Academic Dean at Faith Bible Seminary in Lafayette, Indiana. Bob is also the Founder and CEO of RPM Ministries through which he speaks, writes, and consults on biblical counseling and Christian living. Dr. Kellemen served as the founding Executive Director of the Biblical Counseling Coalition. For seventeen years, Bob was the founding Chairman of and Professor in the MA in Christian Counseling and Discipleship department at Capital Bible Seminary in Lanham, MD. Bob has pastored four churches and equipped biblical counselors in each church. Bob and his wife, Shirley, have been married for thirty-eight years; they have two adult children, Josh and Marie, one daughter-in-law, Andi, and three granddaughters. Dr. Kellemen is the author of eighteen books including Equipping Counselors for Your Church, Gospel-Centered Counseling, and Gospel Conversations.