What are we saying when we ask for support?


Friends of Faith Christian School, What are we saying when we ask you for support? In short, we are declaring our dependence on God’s provision and timing for Faith Christian School. We recognize that God owns everything and He has been our faithful provider for the past 20 years.

It is true that we regularly let you know about opportunities to financially support FCS. In sharing the needs, we are not trying to take away from anyone’s faithful giving to their local church. We are also not trying to guilt anyone into giving. You should know, by the way, that every dollar donated to Faith Christian School gets re-invested in our staff, or programs that have a direct impact on our students.

2 Corinthians 9:7 says “God loves a cheerful giver.” I remember hearing a message on this passage and the pastor asked, “Why would I not want to be a cheerful giver?” That question has stuck with me personally. As God provides for my family, and me we want to be cheerful givers when there is an opportunity to get involved.

In addition, on a professional level, this is my desire for everyone that supports Faith Christian – that no matter the amount, it would come from a heart of joyful support.

Back to my original point, when we share an opportunity to support Faith Christian, we are recognizing our dependence on God’s provision. There are things that we know could make our school better, stronger, and allow us to have a deeper impact on our students. However, tuition income alone does not fully support all we hope to accomplish here. The only way we are able to continue to move forward is when God provides for His people, and then prompts them to get involved. This is what we are asking you to consider during the next week leading up to our 20th anniversary celebration on March 10th – how has God provided for you and does He want you to get involved at FCS.

For the week leading up to our Friendship Celebration on March 10, we are going to keep telling you about opportunities to support specific programs at FCS. You can support these programs, even if you cannot make it to celebrate in person with us. You can make a one time, or monthly gift.

Keep an eye out, and if a project peaks your interest and you can do it joyfully, consider helping Faith Christian School do what we do. Our goal is not to bombard you. Our goal is to keep in front of you an opportunity to invest in life-changing education that will reap an eternal reward.

Friends, we appreciate you. Regardless of what donations are received in the next week, we are already celebrating God’s faithfulness and provision for 20 years. Join with praise God and us to celebrate what He has done at Faith Christian School!


AvatarDenny Vauters