The Road Trip Survival Guide: “Are We There Yet?”

For many of us, the holidays tend to come with quite a bit of traveling. For a child, even short drives can feel like a very long journey!  Below, find some tips to keep your children entertained on trips of all sizes: a benefit for you and them!

  • Aluminum
    • Aluminum is an extremely cheap resource that can be a great entertainment for kids!  It can be molded into all kinds of shapes and figures, and it doesn’t leave behind much mess!  Give your children a sheet of aluminum foil and watch their imagination work!
  • Pipe Cleaners
    • Pipe cleaners have a very similar effect on children to aluminum foil—keeping their interest peaked and their creative mind working!  Combine both foil and pipe cleaners for extra fun!  These are both very easy on the budget and an easy clean-up!
  • I-Spy
    • Fill an empty water bottle, or another container, about half way with rice.  Add a variety of small trinkets to the container, such as buttons, coins, beads, etc.  Top it off with a little more rice if needed, until the container is about ¾ full.  You can even create a picture list of all the objects inside and have your children cross them off as they find them!
  • Travel Binder
    • Fill a binder with plain paper and activity pages!  This keeps the papers together and can be a great source of entertainment for your kids!  Put crayons in an old wipe container or pencil case for extra ease!
  • Snacks
    • Have easy snacks on hand that your children can eat with their hands (and that don’t have too much sugar).  Some good examples are grapes, raisins, sliced apples, pretzels, and string cheese! The longer it takes to eat the snack the better.
  • Storage
    • Shower caddies work great for storage in the car!  Those that have suction cups can even hang on the window for easy access and a little extra wiggle room.

By: Danielle Leazenby, K3 Teacher, Faith Christian Preschool

Rachel JonesRachel Jones
Rachel Jones is a former classroom preschool teacher at Faith Christian School. She has an elementary education degree and currently teaches private piano lessons, preschool music at Faith West, and cares for her husband and toddler. Rachel and her husband have been a part of the FCS & Faith Church ministry since 2011.