Thank you Bob Ummel!

A Conversation with the FCS crossing guard

Q: How did you start being a crossing guard for FCS?

A: Well I saw an announcement for volunteers and I was doing it one day a week. This road is busy and people drive too fast along here. I knew these kids need to be safe getting to school so I started coming out every day.

Q: How do the students respond to you?

A: I get to chat with them each morning and encourage them on their way in to school

Q: What do you enjoy about being the crossing guard?

A: I love seeing these kids every morning, I’ve met some really great kids.

Q: How long do you want to keep doing this?

A: As long as I can see I’ll keep doing it!


Thank you Bob Ummel for showing up every day to help our students get across the street safely in front of FCS. School families, if you see Bob give him a honk and a wave to say thanks!

AvatarDenny Vauters