Spiritual Emphasis Week (9/18-22/2017)

Spiritual emphasis week is a time of nourishment and fulfillment in one’s faith. The week was capsulized into the main point of Christ being over all | Christ is our all in all | Christ is our life. This theme circulated throughout each of the messages such as being weary of false teachings and the bible’s foundations, inner want for truth and confiding in Jesus for answers, living a godly life by knowing God, and the connection between God fighting for us and loving others. The week was an encouraging lesson of what life had the potential to be if lived the way it was originally designed to be. I was especially impressed by the quote “Christ is our life,” because I feel too often that our society today (myself included) makes religion of any sort something that is plainly an “option” available and not a necessity of life. The week brought me to contemplating how I could alter my present life to center Christ in all I do, concreting habits into my life to assure its growth. Faith students take the concept of Christianity seriously and it’s astonishing how it is acknowledged all the more in each aspect of the day after spiritual emphasis week.

– Gretchen Gray

Charlie Mikels
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