Eagle Fit–Students Helping Students!

The mission of Faith Christian School is to help parents raise their children to live effectively in God’s world.  This includes helping those in need who really want a Christian education.  FCS is not about making “private education” a status symbol.  Instead, FCS strives to glorify God by making excellent, Christ-centered, academic training and discipleship available, affordable, and highly valuable.  Even though the choice of educational options is a personal family decision, some families would consider or stay with Christian education if they knew they could afford it.

Enduring Commitment Plus Some New Programs

Indiana’s new Choice Scholarship program and revised Scholarship Tax Credit program can help a certain number of qualifying families who transfer in from public schools.  The Scholarship Tax Credit program can even help students starting in kindergarten.  However, the need is still strong for families who are currently enrolled or who are not coming in from a public school.  If we believe in Christian education, and we believe it would benefit even more students that simply need a helping hand to obtain it or keep it, then we will work and give toward that end. For 15 years, FCS families, faculty, staff, and other committed supporters have done just that through various fundraising events.  One such event kicked off on April 10, and that is our Eagle Fit program in the elementary.

It’s All About “Students Helping Students!”

During Eagle Fit, kindergarteners through 6th graders (with guidance from their parents) will ask for tax-deductible donations from family members, family friends, fellow church members, neighbors, etc., so that they can help other students receive a quality Christian education at FCS.  It’s that simple.  This does take them outside of their “comfort zone” sometimes, but so many of our students and families welcome the opportunity.  Students actually benefit themselves by putting their own time, sweat, and prayers into helping others and helping their school instead of “letting someone else do it.”  The kids seem to get it–they know God has blessed them with the privilege of attending FCS, and they want others to have the same opportunity.  In fact, they are willing to work hard at it for four weeks straight in order to make that possible.  What a picture of grace!  Consider this for perspective–without Eagle Fit last year, a whole grade or class from our elementary would not be here this year.

Fun Competition

As a way to say thank you and to keep the energy going, students can receive class prizes or individual prizes for their efforts.  These are awarded for things like the highest percentage class participation, the highest amount raised, and classes meeting their goals.  Individual prizes are awarded based on reaching certain goal levels as well as for exceptional efforts, attitudes, and ideas.

The Eagle Fit event culminates in a morning run for the elementary and then the evening Eagle Fair and Eagle 5K Run on May 11.  We would love to see you there.  Please pray for us and encourage our elementary students as they try to raise $28,000 to help students through Eagle Fit!


Jonathan Lambeth