Building Foundations through Fine Arts at FCS Elementary

Band - overhead pictureThe Role of Fine Arts

As human beings made in the image of our Creator God, we have the privilege and Biblical mandate to “create” and cultivate in this world for God’s glory.  Music and art provide a delightful and meaningful way to be good stewards of this role.  Fine arts are significant features of each of our four core areas at FCS (spiritual, academic, physical, and vocational).  Plus, kids seem to be naturally interested and so creative in these subjects.  First, let’s focus on the musical experiences that FCS elementary students have the opportunity to enjoy.

Group and Individual Classes

Music classes for kindergarten through sixth grades meet twice weekly.  Preschoolers also get to have their own music classes!  Our qualified music teachers focus on biblical integration, teaching both fun and meaningful songs, music theory, music history and appreciation, as well as introduction to instruments.  Students can participate in our elementary bands starting in 5th grade even if they are complete beginners.  Private lessons are also available for a fee, and often those can be scheduled during the school day.  On a personal level, my own sons are benefiting greatly from all this and enjoy their tuba, trombone, piano, and singing!

Special Programs and Community Service

FCS elementary and preschool students perform in several programs each year, including Grandparents’ Day and the Christmas and Spring programs.  I regularly enjoy praying for our students during performances—specifically that they would live out the message of their songs and delight in loving and serving the Lord their whole lives.  One or two grades at a time also get to serve others and proclaim God’s glory by singing at places like St. Anthony’s Health Care, Rosewalk Village, the Purdue Memorial Union by the Christmas tree, or at homes of shut-ins.  Fifth and sixth graders perform instrumental or vocal solos and ensembles at ISSMA and earn lots of high ratings.

The mission of Faith Christian School is to “help parents raise their children to live effectively in God’s world.” At FCS, we believe that “solid foundations equal strong futures.” Our music department is a vital piece of those foundations.  We are very thankful for Mr. Wright, Miss Mullis, and Miss Hill!  In a following post, we will focus on visual arts.

Jonathan Lambeth

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