Blessing Hope Christian School

Faith Christian School has partnered with Hope Christian School in Uganda for 6 years by sending students, staff, and resources to help serve and strengthen the school.  Uganda has been experiencing severe drought over the past months which created both financial and food shortages for the school.  FCS joined them in prayer and were also able to raise $8,000.00 to send to them to help with expenses related to drought.

We received a report that with this money they were able to plant new crops and spray pesticides to help the crops grow.  They purchased beans, rice, corn flour, and firewood for the next 2 months.  Lastly they gave a gift of a chicken for an Easter meal to each of their faculty – something they have never been able to do before.

Thank you for supporting Hope Christian School through our partnership with them!

Thank you from Uganda food pics resize

AvatarDenny Vauters