An Artist’s Experience

Written by Jennifer Schulthes, Junior

Being an artist requires much more than technique and dexterity, including, but not limited to, creativity, observation, and a great quantity of emotion and thought. These characteristics, and then some, were displayed downtown at the Artist’s Own gallery opening reception on Sunday, January 17, where the space filled with energy and creativity pervaded the room.

I was able to have the delightful opportunity to experience the opening reception as one of the high school students who was admitted into Artist’s Own through their art competition. I was able to speak with several people from the gallery about both my artwork and others’ work as well, giving me insight on what the process of being submitted into a gallery was like.

During the reception, I also gained feedback on my artwork, which was immensely helpful in planning and executing current and future compositions. In addition, the ability to view other artists’ work and speak with them was both helpful and interesting. Several pieces stood out to me personally, and I was greatly inspired by all of the intriguing work that was displayed.

A total of forty-four pieces were selected for the gallery. Among those selected were paintings, single and mixed media drawings, photography, digital artwork, and sculpture, all of which were well composed and thoughtfully prepared. Artist’s Own also ensured that all pieces were well displayed properly and pleasantly in the particular setting.

I personally had a wonderful time at the reception, albeit nerve-wracking at times. The gallery was beautiful, the people were helpful, and the experience was one that I would like to have again in the future.

Dawn Oliver
Dawn is an Administrative Assistant at Faith Christian School.