Servant Training | School Year 2014–2015

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We had a training for our School-Year Servants this past Wednesday evening. Since everyone wasn’t able to attend we have posted the training here with various starting points for your convenience. Please choose a section of the training to begin viewing from. Starting at the Mission of the Church is recommended as it bypasses introductory comments. Click on one to get started! Or, if you would prefer, the entire video is at the bottom of this post.

Whole Main Session | Whole Breakout for Sunday Morning Servants

Mission of the Church
Challenges to Serving
Blessings of Serving
Policies & Procedures
Classroom Management
Rules & Consequences

Watch the Whole Training

Sunday Breakout Lesson Demo
Classroom Discipline
Lesson Preparation

Memory Verses

Watch the Whole Sunday Breakout

David Christensen
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