258 Kids Getting Dirty

There is nothing like the smell of the ball diamond, and the joy that comes from watching your yongster slide into home plate when the ball is still in the outfield. Hopefully that makes you smile and they are wearing old jeans.

Thanks to so many poeple we are off to another successful launch of our Faith Community Youth Baseball/Softball program. We have 258 participants this year as compared to 219 in 2010. In addition, we were able to put in a new baseball/softball field for the 7-8 boys and girls teams, so we have even more room for kids to field, hit and catch and yes get a little dirty.

We have highlighted the teams, sponsors and coaches for each team below. We want to thank all of our volunteers who are coaching, helping with field preparation and acting as team managers, making sure the concessions are covered and the equipment is well cared for. You make this a fun and safe place to enjoy America’s game.

Our leadership team is made up of Commissioner Mike Carron and his assistants Nate Lawson and Gage Butterbrodt. Please thank these men when you have a chance-as they were instrumental in putting in our new field and caring for both the larger softball field and the smaller new one when needed. If you want to kick some dirt on their shoes for good measure that will also be viewed as a sign of affection.

  1. Team #1-Braves; Head coach(HC)-Crystal Holiday; Sponsor(Sp)-One America
  2. Team #2-Reds; HC-Dana Heern; Sp-Shug Awards
  3. Team #3-Brewers; HC-Eric Bailey; Sp-Ferrell Gas
  4. Team #4-Dodgers; HC-Chad Scott; Sp-Powell Seed
  5. Team #5-Rangers; HC-Nicholas Sexton; Sp-Confirm Deliver, Inc.
  6. Team #6-Cubs; HC-Dan Peter; Sp-Midwest Rental
  7. Team #7-Pirates; HC- H.B.Hayes; Sp-Selvey Heating & Cooling
  8. Team #8-Twins; HC-Loren King; Sp-Bennett, Boehning & Clary
  9. Team #9-Diamondbacks; HC-Casey Dillon; Sp-Atlas Excavating, Inc.
  10. Team #10-Orioles; HC-Tim Werth; Sp-Industrial Pallet Corp.
  11. Team #11-White Sox; HC-Tony Mull; Sp-NFPT
  12. Team #12-Marlins; HC-Mark Hosier; Sp-Titan Construction & Engineering Services, Inc.

Thank you again for participating and serving our young people in so many ways! It is a great chance for them to get out and excercise, make friends, and enjoy God’s creation.

Also, if you find yourself in the stands, and your child is rounding third and heading for home, feel free to tell him to get dirty at the top of your lungs, it just adds to the atmospher and fun.

Bob Leffew