How Should Evangelical Christians Respond to the Death of Osama Bin Laden?

A frenzy of activity rivaling the royal wedding hit late Sunday and early this morning.  Bin Laden is dead.  There are celebrations going on across the country, most notably, at the site where the twin towers once stood tall.  Some are claiming that this is the day the war on terror has been waiting for.  Finally, the history books can claim a date for the death of Bin Laden.  Bin Laden’s death was even mentioned at the beginning of a ceremony where two men were awarded the Congressional Medal of Honor at the White House.

All this focus and attention gives us the opportunity to ask the question, “How should I, as a follower of the Lord Jesus, respond?

Praise the Lord that evildoers eventually find judgment.

Bin Laden is responsible for many deaths; and not just American deaths.  Some in the Islamic community will not remember him as a hero, but as a butcher.  Bin Laden was passionate about his beliefs.  His passion, mixed with weaponry, proved to be a deadly combination.

God’s law condemns murder.  God’s law warns the wicked there is no future for them (Prov 24:19-20).  Today was the day that God was no longer willing to allow Bin Laden to violate his laws.  In this we rejoice.  The Lord taught us to pray, “Your will be done, on earth as it is in heaven.”  There will come a day when murder, treachery, deceit, and all forms of sin will be gone forever.  Until that day, we can rejoice whenever the Lord honors his commitment to take the future from the wicked.

Please note, however, that much of what I just wrote could have been written about a number of people in our world. Bin Laden will always be known as particularly wicked since his plans were often effective, but he is hardly the only one who seeks to murder, deceive, and harm others.

Weep that without Christ his eternal destiny is in hell forever.

We evangelicals believe that there is a heaven, that there is a hell, and that it lasts forever.  What joy is there is seeing hell populated?  This is a heart issue for us.  God desires that all should come to repentance (2 Pet 3:9).  Christ prays on the cross that those responsible would ultimately be forgiven (Luke 23:34).  If we want to claim a growing walk with our Lord Jesus, then we should weep that without Jesus, everyone spends their eternal destiny in hell.  Our nation, as a whole, hated Bin Laden.  But let us remember that his eternal destiny (assuming no change of heart and faith in Christ) is nothing to celebrate about.  People being cast into unending torment is not joyous occasion.

One of the more ruthless persons in our world was killed today.  How should we respond?

  • We can rejoice that in due time God does not grant the wicked a long reign, but let’s find no joy and satisfaction in the reality that Bin Laden will spend eternity paying the penalty for his sin.
  • Let us also remember that it is only by God’s grace that we are not in the same situation.
Rob Green
Pastor Rob Green oversees Faith Biblical Counseling Ministries. A seasoned counselor, Rob also teaches others how to counsel--through FBCM's training conferences and Faith Bible Seminary's MABC program.