Appreciating assets, sweat equity, and Faith Christian School

To our staff: Working at Faith Christian School is an investment in the lives of our students and their parents.  Our staff is here to invest in the next generation of Christ followers.  To Parents: Parents who enroll students at Faith are investing in their child’s future.  This is the partnership we talk so much about-parents and school working together for the spiritual, mental, and social growth of each individual student.

Consider a tuition analogy to that of a home mortgage.  Generally, real estate is an appreciating asset.  Generally, one can invest “sweat equity” into improving said asset without a significant cash outlay.  Therefore, we look at our homes and real estate assets as investment that will be worth more down the road.  Is your mortgage one of your larger expenses?  Most likely.  Do you enjoy finding ways to improve your home and increase its value?  Most likely.  Are you willing to endure a tight budget, or perhaps even financial hardship, for the sake of an asset that increases in value?  Most likely.

…See where I’m going with this…

Tuition is a big expense, and I’m not trying to downplay real financial considerations about tuition affordability.  However, Let me ask you-current parent, and new parent considering if FCS is right for you – to look at your tuition payment as an investment.  It’s an investment in your child’s future.  Every time you make that payment, you’re saying, “I’m spending money now with the goal that this expense will return with increasing value into the future.”  Let me ask you, in addition to your tuition payment, to find ways to build sweat equity into Faith Christian School (volunteer, lead a new program, take ownership in finding ways to add value).

This isn’t a guilt trip to ask you to do more.  We ask a lot of our parents, after all, partnership takes work.  And, we are grateful to have parents that make great partners.  This is an encouragement to see the cost and time spent at Faith Christian only as an expense.  Your investment at Faith Christian School reaps an eternal return on investment.

For your investment in Faith Christian School, we promise as an administration and staff to spend ourselves partnering with you to equip your students with the spiritual, academic and life skills needed to live effectively in God’s world.  They will leave with the spiritual grounding, book smarts and relationship skills to be in a position at each stage in life to take the next step while proclaiming, “I’m living for God’s glory.”


Denny Vauters