“State of the School” address


To update you on some of the highlights from this year, as well as to help you plan for next year we have prepared a “State of the School” address.

I’ve also attached some information to inform your decision about re-enrolling next year:

  1. The school calendar for the 2017-2018 year
  2. Tuition information for the 2017-2018 year
  3. The parent cooperation agreement
  4. The Faith Christian School Statement of Faith


As part of the online re-enrollment process (That opens Wednesday, Feb. 1), we will ask if you agree with both the parent cooperation agreement, and the school statement of Faith. These two documents go to the heart of our desire to partner with parents. We want you to know exactly what we stand for and what you get when partnering with FCS.

Moving forward at Faith Christian, we are striving to execute each aspect of our mission to partner with parents (Academic, Spiritual, Character) with excellence and consistency. While, at the same time cultivating a grace filled community of students, parents, and staff that lends itself to true spiritual growth and change. What I mean is we want you to have a great experience from a customer service standpoint. In addition, we desire more than just a transactional relationship with you.

As always, our doors are open. Feel free to contact myself, one of the principals, or Mr. Grass if you would like to talk about how we can partner better.

Grateful to partner with you in education,

Denny Vauters


PS: We love your kids. We often refer to them as “our” kids:)

Denny Vauters