Spiritual Emphasis Week Recap

Written by Briley Hancock, Senior

Spiritual Emphasis Week came at the perfect time for me this year. So far this school year, my faith has been tested, questioned, and stretched. I’ve doubted, I’ve dug, and I’ve struggled for answers. I’ve been spiritually tired and in need of a reminder of what the big picture is. I’m so thankful for this past week! God has been at work in my heart every day, and allowed me to see multiple nuggets of truth in each message.

Worship TeamI’ve especially been convicted of my selfish desire to control my own life. I’m really good at making plans for my future without giving a thought about what God would want. Being my senior year, I’ve had lots of opportunities to make big decisions. One of the last lessons Mr. Roberts delivered reminded me that God has purchased me with His blood, and therefore I need to give the steering wheel of my heart completely over to Him. That means trusting my future to God- even when things don’t go the way I envision or plan. I have been reminded that sometimes we get something better than answers- we get God!

Mr. Roberts also reminded me of the very simple, but mind blowing truths of salvation. God is good and God is big! God is so big that He can make the guilty become innocent, the dead become alive, and adopt His enemies as His sons and daughters! I’ve been so encouraged and uplifted with the reminder that God pursues me and desires me. Why would I ever reject a God like that? There is nothing better than God! God should be my life. I should be so filled with Jesus that when people look at me, they don’t see me, but they see my Great God! I’m thankful for the reminder God brought to me this week that despite my most desperate, hopeless condition, I have a Savior that loved me enough to die for me, save me, erase my sins, and adopt me as His own daughter!Bob Roberts

God has used this week and Mr. Roberts to relight the fire in my heart and soul for Christ. I’ve been reminded that my mission is to bring glory to God- to point to Him. Nothing else matters. I’ve been broken, convicted, refreshed, renewed, and I’m excited to start a new semester with such amazing truth on my mind!

Dawn Oliver
Dawn is an Administrative Assistant at Faith Christian School.