Who Cares About Women of the Streets?

“More than 400,000 women work in German brothels, some so big they spill over several levels. Described as sex supermarkets, johns are lured with the promise of luxurious surroundings, unlimited alcohol and sex.” New York Post, June 10, 2014

There are reportedly around 3,000 red-light establishments in the country, and 500 brothels in Berlin alone” (Time, June 18, 2013).

Lynette Good, director of Alabaster Jar is zealously working to reach some of these women in the name of Jesus.  She and her husband serve as a missionaries with Faith Global Missions.  Lynette lives in Berlin with her husband, Fritz and they are part of CrossWay Church, where Fritz is the missionary pastor.

On Wednesday nights you will find Lynette and her volunteers serving in the ministry of Alabaster Jar on K-Strauss in the red light district. The volunteers offer drinks, chocolates, loving conversation, Gospel tracts and Bibles to the women on the street.

Many of the women are trafficked from Eastern European countries.  If you ask Lynette to talk about her ministry, her radiant smile communicates her great joy in serving these women in an environment that is not without risk.  Her tears tell you she has a great burden and the compassion of Christ for these women.  Most of the women come aside only briefly, but Lynette is thankful for every seed that is sown and watered.  She passionately pursues the prostituted women on the streets of Berlin with great zeal as she seeks to “share a drink of water” in the name of Jesus.

For information about how you can support Alabaster Jar go to http://www.alabasterjar.de/about-us/our-mission/.

For information about supporting the Goods in Berlin go to http://www.faithlafayette.org/missions/giving.


David Selvey<
David is the pastor of global outreach at Faith Church and the executive director of Faith Global Missions. He serves as a counselor in Faith Biblical Counseling Ministry and teaches in and plans international conferences. David has served as a missionary and worked as a small business owner. He and his wife, Kathy, have lived in Indiana since 1995 and have been members of Faith Church since 1996.