Resource Friday: It’s Not Fair! Finding Hope When Times Are Tough

“It’s not fair!” has been uttered countless times in our world. With all of the heartache and suffering of life, it can be easy to believe that life is simply not fair and that no one deserves the pain it brings. When we begin to believe that life isn’t fair, the question then arises: is God fair?

The Bible shines a light on this topic when it commands us to “trust in the Lord with all your heart, and lean not on your own understanding.” (Prov. 3:5) The phrase, “trust in the Lord” is not meant to be a band-aid for a deeply hurting soul, but rather a comfort and sense of truth to cling to in perilous times. When it is hardest to trust in the Lord, that is when we need to be reminded of the trustworthy characteristic of the One we trust. When we truly believe that God is trustworthy, we can then let go of our own understanding and find peace even in the midst of suffering.

The Bible is full of hope-giving truths about who our Lord is that impact the way we view pain and suffering. Is life really unfair? And if so, does that mean that God is unfair? How the Bible answers these questions is vital, and those truths are what Wayne Mack seeks to make known in his book, It’s Not Fair: Finding Hope When Times Are Tough.

Unwrapping the scriptures, Mack brings to light the vital truths about God that provide much hope when we are struggling to see the fairness of life. Covering topics such as God’s sovereignty and control, His love, His power, His complete knowledge, and His justice, Mack gives his readers many powerful truths to help combat false thoughts about our Lord. When we find ourselves in the midst of a struggle, it can be easy to believe lies about our God. What better place to turn for help in these times than the perfect Word of God? The Bible truly holds the answers to life’s toughest questions, and in this book, Mack helps his readers find the freedom, peace, and hope that comes from taking hold of a right view of God. He truly is trustworthy, and we can find ultimate comfort in trusting His control.

It’s Not Fair is a resource that packs a powerful dose of truth and hope. If you are interested in purchasing this resource for you or someone you know who may need some great reminders about the trustworthy character of the Lord we serve, click here!

Bethany Dunn
Bethany heard about Vision of Hope while attending Word of Life Bible Institute in Florida. When she began praying about what God wanted her to do after graduating, He kept bringing Vision of Hope to her mind. Knowing that there was an internship available, Bethany applied, was accepted, and began her internship with VOH in July, 2012. Since then she has been amazed at the opportunities God has given her to learn more about His Word and how it applies to everyday life. Bethany now serves on staff at Vision of Hope.