Help! I’m On Overload!

Candace Dunston was the latest speaker in the Women’s Ministries Saturday Brunch Series. Funny and bold, Dunston taught women on how to “unload” when your life is on “overload.”

Candace focused on three key points in her talk:

  • We don’t have as much time as we say we do (or think we have).
  • We don’t analyze our load correctly (some things can go).
  • We don’t use the right tools to endure.

She started with an exercise that revealed how many hours women in the audience are actually budgeting for their day to accomplish their daily, weekly, and monthly tasks. The results were effective in revealing that many women are indeed on “overload” with all that they are trying to accomplish. When I attempted the exercise, I saw that the amount of hours needed to accomplish all that I tell myself I need to do requires a day with over 30 hours. Yikes!

Candace taught methods on how to analyze your “load” through the lens of Scripture, and then how to recognize if an adjustment is necessary. Many women have “fooled ourselves” into thinking we have more time than we do. She explained that if you don’t have time with God or hear His promptings in your life, it’s definitely time to adjust. However, some things in our “load” are necessary to endure.

“Hard is not particularly bad, hard is just hard… and rewarding,” said Candace. “I want to share some good news. You are not alone.


The key passage used in this talk today, Luke 10:38-42, is the scene where Martha is busy serving the guests and Mary is sitting at the feet of Jesus.

“I am not, not, not against serving,” explained Candace. “But [verse 42] says that ‘one thing is necessary’ – sitting at His feet and listening.” She emphasized that this was the key to endurance.

She pointed out to the women that it was probably obvious to the guests that Mary was not helping Martha serve. “Mary probably looks bad,” said Candace. “Something else seems to be more valuable.”

I appreciated Candace’s talk and the points were very applicable to my life. From a cultural standpoint concerning the Western view of time, in America we tend to place high value on schedules and to-do lists. It wasn’t very long ago that I traveled to Africa, where I saw the opposite: their culture values relationships over schedules. It was a culture shock and not something easily understood, considering what life is like here in the States. This message to “unload,” for the purpose of sitting at the feet of Jesus and making that a priority… this will be a challenge for women who are raised in our culture.

Candace’s challenge to being less like Martha and more like Mary opened my eyes to how high I value what others think of me. It’s not pretty to see how much of my time is spent in trying to convince others with my actions that I’m a strong person, but hey, just look at my load (sarcasm). It is foolishness to think that I can carry a load that contains everything that I want to do, where I say “yes” to everyone in the pride of thinking, “sure I can handle doing that too.” This type of thinking displays a lack of trust in God.

Candace’s words stay with me as I take an honest look at my schedule. Time to prioritize that for God’s glory, not mine!

If we cut things out of our lives we may look unconcerned, look lazy, look triflin… But weigh yourself down to sit at His feet. Even if it makes you look bad.

To hear Candace’s full talk, check out the Faith resource library. For upcoming Women’s Ministry events through Faith Church, please visit the Faith Women’s Ministry website.

Alexandra Nitzschke<
Alexandra is a passionate individual who maintains a devoted delight for the creative realm but finds her deepest pleasure in the gospel of Jesus. She is a lover of stories, and has a weakness for dry wit and a good cup of coffee. Alexandra is a Vision of Hope graduate (2011) and the wife of Stefan Nitzschke, a pastoral intern and student of Faith Bible Seminary.