Practical Partnership: Scott Grass

Practical Partnership

“Two are better than one because they have a good return for their labor.”  Ecclesiastes 4:9

I’ve been thinking lately about practical and particularly helpful ways to partner with parents to strengthen FCS along with providing sustainability for the future.  Please allow me to share several unique ways to partner together to help our students be effective in God’s world.

Word of Mouth

Increasing the number of like-minded families in our school would not only provide those students with a Christian education but also would increase the benefits available to the entire student body.  It is evident, from a budgeting process that the financial health of the school improves as enrollment increases.  I read a recent study that said the number one way that parents find out about a school is through word of mouth and generally through a relationship and/or friendship.  May I ask you to make it a point to discuss Faith Christian School with your friends and circles of influence and seek ways to encourage those people to check us out?  Having more mission-minded students strengthens our program and our resources expand.

The second most effective marketing technique is social media and electronic communications.  Before ever stepping foot on campus, an overwhelming majority of individuals will check out a school’s webpage and customer reviews.  I’d like to encourage you to take time to share and write a meaningful review on our FCS Google Plus and our Great Schools profile pages.  Being purposeful and strategic in our reach is a very effective partnering tool.

Supervision and Mentoring

Have you ever considered volunteering to help our teachers?  Staffing study halls with professional classroom teachers is not efficient use of their time.  Study halls require enough attention to preclude planning lessons, grading papers, and advancing professional development.   Would you consider committing to supervising a study hall?  This would be an opportunity to encourage students and their teachers—and teaching skills are not required.  Opportunities for volunteers also abound in our elementary classrooms, office, and kitchen.  Having faithful and trustworthy volunteers allows our teachers and staff to truly focus on their academic and administrative responsibilities which then strengthens the overall school program.

Effective and Passionate Prayer

Each Friday morning, four young men and I meet together in an effort to hold each other accountable in our personal walk with Christ.  While assessing our spiritual walk and seeking ways to be intentional in our growth towards Christlikeness, we were impressed with the importance of praying in faith.  Praying because we know that we are completely dependent on God for everything in our life is a starting point.  Understanding and believing that our prayers impact our life and the lives of others helps us understand the importance and necessity of prayer.  As a parent, your prayers show your devotion and partnership Faith Christian School, and they are crucial for our school’s future.  We depend on praying partners for God’s will to be revealed and to seek to be mission-minded in every decision that we make.  We covet your prayers as they confirm your devotion and support to the future of FCS.

Being an effective partner is so much more than attending meetings, games, programs, etc.  Effective partners seek creative and practical ways to strengthen each other.  By participating in the ways mentioned above, we believe that your life will be a blessing to many and will also strengthen the school in multiple ways.  Please feel free to contact a teacher or administrator to find out additional ways you can partner successfully with FCS.  Let’s work together for the best return on our labor.

Dawn Oliver
Dawn is an Administrative Assistant at Faith Christian School.