Covenant Eyes blog series

It is always an honor to write for a like-minded ministry partner in the community of Christian faith. Today, the first of five blogs I wrote for Covenant Eyes was posted on their website. I wrote about the 5 mentalities of an addict and the 5 marks of a transforming addict who is becoming like Christ based upon my two books: Relapse: Biblical Prevention Strategies and Addiction-Proof Parenting.

If you are not familiar with the ministry of Covenant Eyes, then I urge you to find out more by clicking the link above to learn how you can better protect yourself and your home from both the harmful images of the internet as well as provide accountability for those who like to surf the internet.

In Job 31:1-4, Job comments about guarding his eyes from lust because of his love for God: “I have made a covenant with my eyes; how then could I gaze at a virgin? What would be my portion from God above and my heritage from the Almighty on high? Is not calamity for the unrighteous, and disaster for the workers of iniquity? Does not he see my ways and number all my steps?”

With this book of the Bible being one of the oldest, we understand that this is NOT a new problem to God and He uses Job’s covenantal commitment to teach us that the problem of lusting after others in a pornographic manner can be conquered when we yield to the Holy Spirit and God’s Word considering the issue to be a heart problem of self-worship (sin) or worship of the One True God. Job understood and he was victorious. You can be, too, and I hope you will visit Covenant Eyes today to find out more about this amazing ministry.

-Pastor Mark Shaw (learning to walk with God and in obedience to God every day)

Mark Shaw
Mark Shaw has 22 years of counseling experience working in a variety of settings including faith-based residential programs, dealing with issues surrounding “addictions” of all types, and supervising staff positions. His experience in the biblical counseling field began in 2001. He has written 14 published works including The Heart of Addiction; Relapse: Biblical Prevention Strategies; Divine Intervention: Hope and Help for Families of Addicts; Addiction-Proof Parenting; and Hope and Help for Self-Injurers/Cutters. He also co-authored a chapter in Christ-Centered Biblical Counseling (2013).