The Greatest Trial of Your Life

I don’t know about you, but I often think in analogies.  I love to take a biblical truth and explain it through story, even if it needs to be a fiction.  One of the best examples of this is C.S. Lewis’ “The Great Divorce.”  Today I’m going to take my stab at doing what he did in that book, writing a moral about a biblical truth.

You Are Dead

All of us will die, unless Jesus comes first; and one way to think about what Jesus has done for us is to think about a court room drama.  So, if you will, imagine with me that you are dead, and when you “wake up” you are being brought to a court room.  You are in handcuffs, you are in prison garb, and everyone you have ever hurt or wronged is there; and they are mad.

Enter the Prosecution

As you make your way, escorted by the angelic bailiffs, to the defense table, you look to your right and see who the prosecuting attorney is.  It is none other than Satan himself. (Zech. 3:1).  Your heart sinks as you know that the one you are facing knows your evil deeds, your ugly thoughts, and he knows how to play you like a fiddle. As he makes eye contact with you he smiles ear to ear.  In his mind he thinks he has won this trial before it starts.  He has lined up an extensive witness list.  He has stacks and stacks of files filled with damning evidence of your guilt.  You gulp as you survey what he has against you.

Enter the Judge

As soon as you break eye contact with the Accusers you look forward and notice that this is not a jury trial but a case that will be decided by One judge, God the Father Himself. (1 Pe. 4:5)  He enters, in all His splendor and majesty, and His train fills the room. (Is. 6)  All, but Satan, humble themselves as He enters; and, in the background, a choir of angels sing of His mercy and justice.  He takes His seat. The sheer weight of glory of being near the Judge makes you feel as if you might die all over again, but, by some divine intervention, you are prevented from doing so.

Enter Your Defense

Just as you begin to wonder how this is all going to shake out, you look to your left and there is your defense attorney, none other than Jesus the Christ. (Ps. 59:9-10)  You and your attorney have met before, you had spent a lifetime speaking to each other when you were alive on earth, but you have not spent much time preparing for the trial here.  You have confessed all your deeds to Jesus and so have placed your faith in His ability to defend. You no longer fear as you did looking just at the evidence against you.

The Trial

The Judge calls the trial to order, and the prosecutor rises to read off the list of accusations.  The list, written on a scroll, seems to go on and on.  He spends the good part of the trial simply reading off the charges.  Finally, he finishes and begins to make his opening remarks, where, to your surprise, your Defense stands and with a humble but confident voice declares, “I object.” The Judge turns His gaze to the Defender and inquires upon what grounds that the Defense would object.  Christ himself points to his hands and responds, “I have already paid for these sins with my death.  This man is free from all these charges because the debt is paid by me.” (1 John 2:2)  There rests your entire defense.

The Ruling

Satan quickly turns his gaze back to the Judge.  The Judge picks up His gavel without letting anyone speak another word and with a loud booming voice declares to the defendant, “I find you innocent based on the Blood of the Christ.  You are free.” And with that Satan sulks back into his chair.  Knowing that the Judge’s ruling is final.  Knowing there is nothing that can overcome this defense.  Knowing he has lost. You are released from your bonds.  You turn to your Defense and embrace him.  You then enter into His Father’s Rest. (Matt. 25:23)


I don’t know how often you think about your identity in Christ.  I don’t know if you remember that HE has paid for all your sins.  I don’t know if you remember that you are free; but, if you are having trouble remembering those things, hopefully our little exercise will help.  Hopefully, in looking at what Jesus has done for you, you will allow yourself to live freely for Him.

Joshua M. Greiner
Josh has been on staff with Faith since 2010. He graduated from Purdue University with a BA in Political Science (2008) and from Faith Bible Seminary with a MDiv (2013), The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary with a ThM in Biblical Counseling (2017) and is pursuing a PhD in Counseling from SBTS as well. He serves as the Pastor of Faith West Ministries, the Chaplin of the West Lafayette Fire Department, an instructor with Faith Bible Seminary, and a Fellow with the Association of Certified Biblical Counselors (ACBC). He is married to his wife Shana, and they have four children together.