The Frequency of God

I.  Where the wave’s concerned, then, would you say there’s not much chaos to it?

          Could that every one’s hand-crafted, cased, and signed, and set adrift?

          Is each wake crafted aft each vessel summons, then, the Crafter’s hand –

          Each movement in each moment: a movement in a moment of a plan?

And does this case for chaos cast a question to the frequency of God?

          Each dark cloud blown by Him and known –

          Each raindrop waiting for the nod?


II.  Could it be God’s the same forever – ever will and ever been?

          If He loved once when He created, would He change, then, when we’ve sinned?

Could, then, our God of love loose chaos on the seasons and the seas –

          Do dark clouds blow and beckon sorrow – largely by our God unseen?

Or do we see Christ on the cross – O, holy love, in tragedy –

          And find diminished thoughts of chaos as this storm saved you and me?

To bear this question of the wave – Is my God near unto my trouble –

          We must see Christ upon our cross – therein the answer is not subtle.

If God has ever loved, He always loves –

          Enrapt, the raindrop waits.

          And in the chaos, as we call it

          Wills our God, love to create.

Andrew King
Andrew and his wife, Jill, joined Faith in 2007. They are the owners of ChristopherGardens - a residential landscape company that seeks to provide employment and resources for the homeless and ex-offender populations. They are members of the Peacemakers ABF and Andrew serves as a Deacon.