An Open Door at Easter

In 1 Corinthians 16:9, Paul talks about his excitement about the fact that “a wide door for effective ministry has opened to me.”  A few weeks ago Pastor Viars encouraged us to view the world around us with eyes that are looking to find “wide doors for effective ministry.”

Our church has such a door opened to us this week.  This Thursday, Friday and Saturday, we’ll be sharing the message of the gospel with our community through our annual presentation of The Lafayette Passion Play.

We want to encourage our church family to take advantage of this open door in three important ways:

  1. Invite others to attend.
  2. Plan to personally attend for the purpose of reaching out to others in attendance.  Get your free tickets here.
  3. Pray for the Lord’s blessing upon the work.
Check out this video from 2011 that explains some of the reasons why we get excited about the Passion Play each year.


Trey Garner
Trey Garner is the Pastor of Children's Ministries at Faith Church. He has been married to his wife Deb since 2001. They have two children named Noah and Lauren. Originally from Texas, Trey appreciates barnwood, armadillos, and Blue Bell Ice Cream.