Why Finding Out “We’re Pregnant” Wasn’t the Best News I Ever Heard

I was starting to think that we’d never get pregnant. I started mentioning adoption and fostering. We had been trying for about a year, but she was so confident that we would be able. Then, that morning came. We didn’t believe the dollar store test so we drove to Meijer at 7:30am, and bought the most expensive test we could find. Sure enough. We were pregnant!

I haven’t had a bad day since

I can honestly say I haven’t had a bad day since. At times, my circumstances have been pretty awful, but nothing has dampened my spirits. I’ve been singing around the house, quicker to laugh and generally exuding happiness. This precious gift we were praying for has finally come, and, no matter how hard these nine months are, it will be worth it. We’ll have a baby!

Being pregnant isn’t the best news

But, being pregnant isn’t the best news. Don’t get me wrong. Getting pregnant is good. But there is something much better. There was a child who was given to the world 2,000 years ago, and He grew up to be the savior of mankind. Nothing was the same after He came. My life hasn’t been the same since I came to know Him. His name is Jesus, and He died for my sins. I was a poor, blind, rebel, and He adopted me into his family. He clothed me in His righteousness, and He lavished a whole array of good things upon me. He even restored my sight. In fact, everything that is good comes from Him, and He sacrificed His own life so that I could become a part of His family. That’s the best news.

“We’re pregnant” reminded me of the greater joy I feel knowing “I’m saved”

It seems silly to me that being pregnant can make me smile no matter my circumstances, but having a savior who died for me doesn’t. I’m grateful that the joy I feel for finding out “We’re pregnant” has reminded me of the greater joy I should feel knowing “I’m saved”. Have you taken your salvation for granted today? Have the circumstances you’ve faced overwhelmed your deep sense of thankfulness for redemption and a new life? Remember the wonderful gift that you have been given. Has today been a great day full of success, good gifts and met goals? Remember that while that is good news; there is something even better to be smiling about.

This post was contributed by Joel Bertles. He is a Pastoral Intern at Faith Church and he is hoping to join a church plant in Western Massachusetts after he graduates in June. You can follow him on twitter: jcbertles, and his wife (Molly)’s blog “The Timid Optimist” can be found here.

Joel Bertles