Psalms of Praise! Part 1

We have been discussing different prayers from the book of Psalms.  Part of the assignment was for each small group to write their own Psalm of Praise to God.  It was encouraging to see the teens take part in this act of worship to God.  I would like to share these Psalms with you over this week in a 5 day series.

Jono Thomas / Logan Heusinger’s Small Group

Oh God, Our God,

You have created the stars

And you call them by name.

You work all things for good.

Your holiness lights angels on fire and caused Moses’ face to glow.

You are awesome and above all.

You possess incomprehensible power.

Your name causes healing, drives out demons, and throws men off their feet.

You are the only sacrifice that meets Your requirements.

Who am I to say otherwise.

We constantly rebel and try to be God.

We attribute your goodness as our doing.

We worry as if your promises aren’t enough.

We fall into sin and keep returning.

But in spite of these things,

You fulfill your promises and continue to bless us.

We do not deserve you.

Oh God, Our God.

Mrs. Merkel’s Small Group


God, You are Faithful.

You are with me when I am near and far from you.

You will never leave me alone, even when I mess up time and time again.

I will praise you for Your presence.

I am drawn close to you.

God, You are faithful to me always.

The Whaley’s Small Group


Jehovah Jireh,

Immanuel how great is your faithfulness.

Oh God your faithfulness astounds

in both big and small.

Because you care for the

smallest details of our lives,

we know that our trust

can rest in you.

Your constant faithfulness gives us

the confidence and strength to carry on.

Jehovah Jireh,

Immanuel how great is your faithfulness.

Mrs. Powell’s Small Group


God you are awesome

Awesomeness is your name

Even though we are but grasshoppers

 you still love us.

You have given us dominion

over lions, elephants and bears. (Oh my!)

God you are awesome!

Johnny Kjaer
Johnny Kjaer oversees the Youth Ministries at Faith Church. He can often be found serving the community with the teenagers. His passion is to assist parents in training their teens to love the Lord. He and his wife, Tori, have four children; Leif, Tryggve, Kjirsti, and Hroarr.