Shepherding Parents

Have you ever made plans to help someone else, and then it ended up that you were the one who needed help? Have you ever sought to teach your children something, and then it ended up that God was teaching you something through your children?

God can work on multiple people at one time.

So if your kids are rebelling, or just need to learn how to live in God’s world, God may be working on you both, at the same time.

I would love to hear how God has used your parenting efforts to get to your heart. Feel free to share in the comments below.



Dustin Folden
Pastor Dustin Folden and his wife Trisha joined the Pastoral Staff in 2010. They have two children, Sawyer and Mackenna who absolutely love children’s ministries, mostly because of the singing and snacks. Pastor Folden shepherds the 9:30 worship service, oversees the Adult Bible Fellowship ministry, as well as serves in the Biblical Counseling Ministries.