Have you ever been so totally amazed at something that it stops you right where you are?  I mean the kind of thing, message, or person that is so amazingly stunning, pure, true, right, and incredible that you absolutely are floored.

For me, that happened during the 2012 AFC championship game commercial break that aired this commercial produced by Focus on the Family:

I stood amazed watching my TV from our kitchen that goes into our dining room.  I was drawn to its simple, pure, true, life-changing message, while also waiting for some person or group to cut in and make fun, ridicule, or somehow pervert the beautiful message.  I am so thankful that did not happen.

How cool to have children joyously, thoughtfully, accurately proclaiming a message intended for the whole world…not just to hear, but to believe and respond.  “Wow” is right.

I hope and pray that the reality of John 3:16 is experienced by thousands upon thousands who heard that message and did not, or do not, know God’s love personally through confessing personal sin and trusting in Christ alone for eternal life.

If you have more questions about how to begin a relationship with God, please see my post, “What is the GOSPEL”?

I am thankful for the work of Focus on the Family, but most importantly for the finished work of Christ, his death, burial, and resurrection, that provides eternal life to all who believe.

God Bless.

Andy Woodall
Andy Woodall served as the Pastor of Student Ministries at Faith from 1999-2012.