Gym- Packed!  Atmosphere- Electric!  Cheerblock – Crazy!  Pep Band- Rocking! Ceremony- Inspiring!  Fans- Cheering!  Coaches- Motivating!  Players –
Relentless!  Outcome- God Honoring!

If you had a chance to be at our homecoming basketball games last Friday night you would have to admit it was an awesome experience- one that you would remember long afterward and want to come back for again soon. The gym was filled to capacity with standing room only. Visiting Fountain Central brought a good number of fans and a tough team ready to play.


The Cheerblock members filled several extra sections of bleachers, standing, jumping and chanting with all sorts of antics all night long. Alumni were on the walking track above with a bird’s eye view of the game and a nice reception to enjoy. The Pep Band made the place reverberate, pumping up the athletes and fans. And the game was intense, down to the last minute of play. Through it all, what stood out was the good spirit of our fans and players and the fun they were having throughout the evening. Over and over again I heard visitors, fans, and administration of the opposing team comment on how they appreciated the setting, the competition, and most of all our kids!

True Beauty

The Homecoming ceremony and the testimonies from the girls and their moms gave a clear snapshot of true beauty as taught in God’s Word. This year, three young ladies from a wonderful group of seniors were selected by their peers to represent what a godly young person might be.  From those three, Maci Fox was chosen by the student body as Homecoming queen. It was a joy to see her servant’s spirit honored on this night.

God Honoring Game

The boys’ team worked hard throughout the evening under the skillful direction of Coach Callan and set the tone for the game with their diligent work ethic and disciplined play. In the end, they were rewarded with a victory on the scoreboard and a victory in the hearts of many who watched. At the close of the game, the athletes from both teams prayed and the student section joined together to thank the Lord for what He had given them.  I’m sure there were several more people than I who thought, “That’s the way an athletic
competition should be at a Christian School.”  And I am glad that’s the way it is at Faith.


Lynn Heusinger
Lynn Heusinger is the Athletic Director and Assistant to the Administrator. He has been in Christian education and athletics for over 30 years. He and his wife Kathy teach and coach at Faith Christian School.