Christmas Break Is Over?

Many teens and children awoke one day this week, probably much earlier than in the past couple weeks, to the reality of school cranking back up.  Whether you wish school were starting back up or not, it either has, or will soon.

So, here is what happened in our car this morning on the way to school.  I ask the typical “dad question” as we pull out of our driveway “So, is everyone ready to go back to school?” (Like anyone one of our four kids really has a choice!)  I was interested to hear what responses I would receive back.  Well, as you can imagine, I did not receive a melodious four part harmony of joy and utter enthusiasm (no offense to our seriously awesome school staff and teachers).

However, our five year old who attends half-day kindergarten responded–like one second after my question–with “WOOHOO SCHOOOOOL!!!”

I had to LOL.  Too funny.  I love her enthusiasm.  Her joy.  Her excitement.  Her expression.  I think it had an impact on all of the rest of us in the car as we made our short one mile drive to school this morning.

In one sense we may think “Oh, to be in kindergarten again.”  On the other hand, it may  be more of an attitude of “WOOHOO _________” (You fill in the blank).

We are talking about being excited about living another day for God.

Have a great first week back to school!  Or parents, a first week for your kids to be back in school.

Andy Woodall
Andy Woodall served as the Pastor of Student Ministries at Faith from 1999-2012.