You Know You’re a VOH Resident When…

You know you’re a VOH resident when…
10. You look forward to working out at 6am and cleaning the CC because you get to smell the cookie jar.
9. You play human pinball before study hall.
8. Your daily reading consists of the Bible and the comics.
7. You have 27 Faith Church pens, and you don’t know where you got any of them.
6. You’re totally okay with wearing the same necklace as 20 other people.
5. You get a free manicure every week.
4. You’ve become a pack-a-day gum chewer.
3. You go out with your parents and ask permission to use the bathroom.
2. You are no longer offended by being called a sinner.
1. You are willing to jump into the pond for 3 blessing bucks.

VOH Residents and Grads