Should I Exercise Through My Pregnancy?

The answer? Almost always YES!!! While it is generally not recommended to begin a new workout plan when you become pregnant, you can absolutely continue what you’ve been doing. And if you haven’t been doing anything, at least consider starting to walk. The benefits of exercising during pregnancy are similar to the benefits found in exercising for anyone:

Benefits of Prenatal Exercise

  1. Stronger muscles
  2. Increased energy and endurance
  3. More restful sleep
  4. Improved digestion and elimination
  5. Less chance of needed intervention
  6. Better balance and coordination – not as likely to fall
  7. Improved posture
  8. Reduced tension and anxiety!!
  9. Social opportunity
  10. Improved body awareness and control (can identify areas of tension and feel more confident)
  11. Quicker physical and mental recovery from both a cesarean and vaginal delivery and less depression

Also, though exercise does not guarantee a shorter or easier labor or prevent a cesarean birth, for moms who exercise there is:

  • 35% decreased need for pain relief medication
  • 55% decreased need for episiotomy
  • 75% decrease in cesarean birth
  • 33% decrease in length of labor, plus lower maternal exhaustion

Faith Community Center is excited to host StrollerBlast. StrollerBlast is a great way to work out for expecting moms or moms with small children. Find out more information here.

Make sure you talk with your doctor about any exercise you are doing. And listen to your body. If an exercise is not feeling good, stop. Ask a professional to help you find an alternative.

Jennifer Tavernier