What would the worship of “self” sound like?

Many readers are probably familiar, if not very familiar, with worship music sung and played in church gatherings, youth groups, and other settings. This short clip will provide you with a good laugh.

This little youtube clip is a great wake-up call to the painful, yet blunt hypocricy and idol worship that can exist in the hearts of God’s own people.  Along with a good laugh, it more realistically may provide us with a sorrowful cry.  How many times does my life…your life…in attitude, words, and conduct, promote a message of self (like those in this clip)?  Ouch! 

I hope this provides a bit of a laugh, that brings about a good self examination for us all.  If necessary, confession and change will result as well (Psalm 32 and 51 may help). 

Prayer: Lord, help us to have no other gods before you.  Help us to worship you an no other.  Help us to deny self instead of worship self.  Help us to love you first, most, best.  Help us to love others with your love.

Andy Woodall
Andy Woodall served as the Pastor of Student Ministries at Faith from 1999-2012.