Making Disciples Inside and Outside the Home

We’re excited to see blessings and ministry opportunities that God has given to the families of a Faith Bible Seminary alumnus and a current student.

Little Additions, Huge Blessings

The Franklin Family (pre-Justus)

Brad Franklin (M.Div. Class of 2010) and his wife Megan have added a new member to their family—a son named Justus Tyndale Franklin. Little Justus had some difficulties right after birth. Justus was born 3 weeks early and was rushed immediately to the intensive care unit. Justus has since been moved to a special care unit and his health has shown marked improvement.

Another one of our students, Drew Papillon (M.Div. class of 2013), recently welcomed a new life into the world as well. Drew’s wife Amy was in labor for 36 hours before she gave birth to a boy, Judah Andrew Kyrie (this is their first). Amy and Judah are both doing well.

Challenging and Rewarding Ministry Opportunities

Drew and Amy are also contributing to the Kingdom of God through their example of their faith during trials. Some of you might know that Drew had to undergo surgery to remove a tumor from his brain. The surgery was a success and Drew has recovered well. However, Drew and Amy can use your prayers. After meeting with a neuro-oncologist, Drew and Amy were informed that this condition is one that they will have to monitor closely for the remainder of Drew’s life. While Drew and Amy are incredibly thankful to God, this is still difficult news. Drew is very thankful for FBS for being so “gracious and generous” to him and his wife. Drew and his wife are learning to trust God more and more as they undertake this trial. (Here’s his video testimonial from before the surgery.)

Brad will look to grow the Kingdom of God as he starts a new pastorate. Last month, Brad accepted the call to serve as the next pastor of St. Giles Christian Mission in Islington (North London). Praise God that one of our very own is going to spread the light of the gospel in England! England, along with much of Europe, has a very small percentage of the population who attend church on a regular basis. While this is great news and a blessing to Brad and his family, he can use your prayers as he will be working in a very difficult, even hostile, field.

Brad and Drew continue to cultivate and harvest God’s fruit in all aspects of their lives. We can thank God, together, that two of our seminary students have been given these amazing opportunities to create followers of Christ, both inside the home and out.

Kirk Fatool