Help! I’m Lost in a Café!

Ever gotten lost when staring at a café menu board??  We know exactly how you feel.  In fact, we recently changed the look of the café board at the Cup of Faith Café and with it, came up with some new drinks for you to try.  So for those of you who are indecisive or get lost easily, here’s a cheat sheet on the house…

  1. Shot in the Dark – a Shot in the Dark is a cup of coffee containing an espresso shot.  This drink gives you the extra caffeine needed for those especially early mornings.  Since it’s summer time, why not try it iced with a little cream?
  2. Americano – an Americano has similar strength to that of a cup of coffee, but differs in its taste.  This drink contains espresso with some H2O.
  3. Chai Latte – for those of you who don’t especially enjoy coffee, this is your drink.  A Chai Latte is chai tea mix steamed with milk and served hot.  It’s the creamiest drink you’ll ever have.  Try adding some Irish Cream flavoring to really sweeten the deal.  This drink is also excellent iced!

That’s just a sampling, stop in and and gaze at the menu. If you get lost ask one of our barista’s and they will lead you down the right path to our sweet and savory items!