Movies Instead of Church?

Avatar, Twilight, Lord of the Rings, Thor, Pride and Prejudice, Cinderella all have something in common with church—they all preach sermons.  Did you realize that?  Finally you can have a guilt free summer by going to the movies for a sermon instead of church.   Right?

Not so fast.  It is all about theology.  Every piece of entertainment, music, book, TV show, Broadway show, and even an advertisement contains a theological message, an ideology, a worldview that is being declared 24-7.   Have you really stopped and considered the theological message of relationships found in Pride and Prejudice?  Think about it sometime and then ask yourself why men hate this movie and women love it.

It is all about the theology.  That’s why the sermons you are influence by (movies or church) really do matter.

Listen to Mark Driscoll defend why he spent a good portion of his sermon one time talking about the sermon in Avatar (starts around the 3:30 mark).

Train your and your children’s senses to be discerning.   Believing theology not sourced in truth will lead to destruction.  But true theology will lead to life.  That’s why it is important to spend your summer listening to solid sermons in church and not at the movie theater all summer long.

Brent Aucoin
Pastor Brent Aucoin serves as the Pastor of Seminary and Counseling Ministries at Faith Church. He is the president of Faith Bible Seminary, and is a counselor and instructor for Faith Biblical Counseling Ministries.