The Royal Wedding

I remember the night distinctly.  It was June of 1982–the evening of the day when little William had been born to Prince Charles and Lady Diana.  With my family, I had heard and seen news reports throughout the day about the newborn prince.  My mother and grandmother (along with many throughout the world) seemed so excited about his arrival.  And I remember being swept up in the enthusiasm–though as a six-year-old, I didn’t really understand why it was so exciting.

Then, as I lay in bed that evening, I was struck with a truly alarming thought–one that shook me to my core.  After a day’s celebration over the birth of Britain’s new heir, I realized something that had never before occurred to me.  That night, I confronted the reality that I would never grow up to be the King of England.

Now, I realize that may sound a bit ridiculous.  But as a child (and I’m sure I’m not the only child to have experienced this) I was repeatedly told that a world of limitless promise and possibility was open to me.  And after an entire day of hearing about the newborn child who would one day ascend to the throne, I discovered–at the tender age of six–that I was, in fact, limited.  There was at least one door of opportunity that would never be open to me.  It was devastating.

The Prince Takes a Bride

Fast-forward almost thirty years, and the cause of my devastation has been wed.  Having only a vague recollection of the previous royal weddings that had taken place during my lifetime, I was curious to see what Will and Kate’s ceremony would be like.  So, my wife Deb and I got up early to witness the festivities.  And I have to say that I found the whole thing kind of cool.  The scale, the pageantry, the spectacle, the hats–you have to admit that those Windsors really know how to throw a party.

Just a Taste of Things to Come

In spite of all its grandeur, I couldn’t help but think that this wedding only served as a teaser for the one-day celebration that awaits all those who look for Christ’s return–the true Royal Wedding.

Revelation 19:7-8
“Let us rejoice and be glad and give the glory to Him, for the marriage of the Lamb has come and His bride has made herself ready.”  It was given to her to clothe herself in fine linen, bright and clean; for the fine linen is the righteous acts of the saints.

Scripture doesn’t provide us with a lot of details about the event, but I have to believe the celebration through which Christ is finally and eternally joined to His bride will be incredible.  In fact, the word “incredible” will surely be inadequate to describe splendor of this wedding.

On that day, we will know the rapture and exhilaration of being inseparably united with our King.  As bride of the King, we will become heavenly royalty.  (My childhood devastation will finally be overcome.)  As joint heirs and fellow partakers of the grace of God, we will rule and reign not only with our Sovereign but also as sovereigns over His kingdom.  I can hardly imagine what it will be like, but because of Who our King is, I know that it will be awesome.

Trey Garner
Trey Garner is the Pastor of Children's Ministries at Faith Church. He has been married to his wife Deb since 2001. They have two children named Noah and Lauren. Originally from Texas, Trey appreciates barnwood, armadillos, and Blue Bell Ice Cream.