Routines Are the New Ruts

I struggle with change. I struggle with the uncertainty that change brings. So, I must love ruts and boredom, right? No. I don’t like those either. Call me the Proverbs 27:20 man whose eyes are never satisfied. When change comes, my heart tends to fear; and then, when routine sets in, my heart starts to grumble. This is my heart…and this is why my heart needs to change.

Are You Up for the Challenge of Change?

I suppose that life without change would be called “death”, and I certainly don’t want death. I want life, and abundant life at that. So I must embrace abundant change as well. Where change is occurring (BTW: where is it NOT occurring?) God is actively revealing our dead or misdirected faith, urging and guiding the change in our hearts to correct it. Therefore, I thank my life-giving God, who actively orchestrates “life change” in order to achieve a “heart change”. We shall rejoice in the new life He gives to us all when we accept, welcome and follow life change.

An Example for Today: Change Coming for Purdue Bible Fellowship

Over the past 7 years, God has blessed us by allowing our college student ministry on Purdue’s campus (Purdue Bible Fellowship, PBF) to use the old Wright Flower building across from Mackey Arena. It has been such a gift from God.  God provided the temporary space through the generosity of one of our members. If you know him (God and this man, the church member) thank him for his generosity. Having a place to call “home” for PBF certainly helped strengthen the college ministry, and we are very gratetful. Currently, the Old Wright Flower building is slotted for a different use by its owner (God and this man) next fall. Therefore, PBF will need to find a new home for the fall.

While FBC waits to see how the Lord chooses to provide for a permanent location, the college ministry will undergo change in order to offer effective ministry for next school year. If you know of an available gathering space (primarily on Friday evenings) that is 1) somewhat close to campus, 2) has more of a “living life together feel”, in contrast to an academic class room feel, and 3) can hold up to about 100 students, could you comment below or contact Pastor Brent Aucoin with suggestions ( Think creatively and outside the box as we brainstorm together. Our hearts remain focused and welcoming of this change because we recognize it, as should we in every day life, as a change offering from the will of God.

Also, this blog entry by Pastor Steve Furtick was very timely for me.

Living Change Together for Life! (And believing that routines are the new ruts — or at least working on it : ).

Brent Aucoin
Pastor Brent Aucoin serves as the Pastor of Seminary and Counseling Ministries at Faith Church. He is the president of Faith Bible Seminary, and is a counselor and instructor for Faith Biblical Counseling Ministries.