What Can We Learn from America’s Biggest Loser?

Every once in a while, reality TV provides some especially profitable lessons (without the un-needed immorality, etc.).   The March 29, 2011 episode of “Biggest Loser” did exactly that.  Here is a very breif recap, then a few lessons we can take away to avoid becoming “the biggest fool.”

The Red Team, Jen and Courtney, lost a comptition and received what they thought was a huge setback, then viewed it as a huge reward.  Little did they know it would reveal some hard realities about themselves, and provide all viewers and readers with some examples of hard life-lessons.

These two were place on a beautiful ranch by themselves and given a budget and choices.  Some choices involved work, some pampering and discipline.  Jen led them both to indulge a bit while Courtney verablly went along for the slaughter, but mentally was in turmoil.  The show went back and forth between the decisions they made and the work the other teams were doing with their trainers.  Ultimately these lessons were learned:

1.  Choices do have consequences. Jen and Courtney’s choices (Red team) resulted in their lack of progress and cost Jen her spot.

2. What you get excited about could contribute to your downfall.  Jen and Courtney got all excited about the nice ranch housing for a week, the spa, the dinner out.  What they needed was work.  They needed to be pushed hard.  That leads us to the next lesson.

3. Adversity and difficulty, when handled correctly, produce tremendous results. Muscle never gets produced without resistance.

4. You have to stand your ground on what you believe is right. Jen was so big on outlining a pamper-filled, “we can do it on our own” attitude.  Courtney, on the other hand, knew she needed help.  She knew the choices Jen made were not the best.  But Courtney did not speak up.  She did not verbalize her position and stand her ground.  She was persuaded.  She just went along with it.

5. We all need help.  Jen and Courtney chose not to get the help of a trainer.  They needed someone in a better spot than they were to help drive them to the next level.  We many times choose people in the same situation as us to try to help us, or we choose to not ask for help (pridefully).  Wisely selecting help and humbly getting help are vital to overcoming adversity and living life.

6. Big goals require doing what is hard. Life is not easy.  Accomplishing big goals, like losing lots of weight, requires hard work and discipline.

Thank you to Jen and Courtney for reminding of of these important lessons.  However, let’s face it, I am sure we all have plenty of personal examples…and would rather not have them televised.

Scripture to consider: 1) Gal.6:7-8;  2) 2 Samuel 11;  3) Romans 5:1-6;  Psalm 119:67, 71; 4) I Peter 2:13-25; 3:17;  5) Psalm 46:1; I Corinthians 15:33;  Hebrews 4:16;  6 )I Timothy 4:7-8

Andy Woodall
Andy Woodall served as the Pastor of Student Ministries at Faith from 1999-2012.