Why should I talk to my teen about sex?

Many parents believe their teen will somehow just figure out the issues of sex and sexuality.  Others just hope someone will come along and tell their teen.  And, some give them tidbits of information and leave it at that.  Well, I want to give you three reasons why I believe you should talk to your teen about sex.

  1. It’s your responsibility.   This is part of your job as a parent to teach and train your teen about how to honor God in the areas of sex and sexuality.
  2. It’s your opportunity and privilege.  Talking about sex provides you with a perfect opportunity to see into the window of your teen’s heart.  What is he/she living for?  How does he/she think?  How can you best help him/her?
  3. If you don’t tell them, somone else will.  Plenty of people and groups want to tell, and show, your teen what to think and how to function sexually.  You need to be the one.

In the weeks to come I will continue on this topic of talking to your teen about sex.  I will address “how” to talk to your teens about sex, “what” to talk about, and “when” talk about sex and sexuality.  We may even get into “how to help your teen after making wrong choices sexually”.

Andy Woodall
Andy Woodall served as the Pastor of Student Ministries at Faith from 1999-2012.