Spend Time Focusing on Jesus

CrossIf you have followed this devotional series then it is clear that Jesus is the focus of Colossians – maybe in some ways that other books do not stress Jesus.  This line of thinking continues in Colossians 2:8-15.  The solution to being caught by worldly thinking and philosophies is to focus instead on Christ.  Here are three things that God did through Jesus at the cross that should drive our thinking and motivate our actions:

1. God made forgiveness from sin possible through Christ.

Paul is writing to a group of believers and reminding them that it is only through the cross work of Jesus that their sins are removed.  This truth alone can reorient an entire life.   The more one sees the significance of the work of Jesus, the more he or she will forgive others, the more they will give grace to those who do something wrong, the more merciful they will be to those who need it.  Forgiveness changes everything.

2. God took our debts and cancelled them through Christ.

I love the imagery, “having nailed them to the cross.” However, that imagery has another side.  It is Christ’s hands and feet that were cruelly nailed to the cross.  My debt is gone, but that debt was paid.  It was paid through the suffering of my Lord.  This truth can also reorient some of our thinking.  It can remind us to give Jesus first place.  He was our substitute; he paid the penalty for the debts that were rightly mine. Thus, it becomes a joy and privilege to give my life back to him.

3. God crushed the opposition through Christ.

Verse 15 reminds me of 1 Cor 15:50-58.  The death of Jesus was the ultimate place of victory.  God disarmed and triumphed over rulers and authorities at the death of Jesus.  What a wonderful reminder that we are on the winning side!  Our world is full of trials and deep hurts, but thankfully we can experience those trials and hurts with the reminder that Jesus crushed the opposition.  A day is coming when all will be made right.

Friends, life can be a challenge.  Let’s focus on Jesus and all that was accomplished at his death.

Rob Green
Pastor Rob Green oversees Faith Biblical Counseling Ministries. A seasoned counselor, Rob also teaches others how to counsel--through FBCM's training conferences and Faith Bible Seminary's MABC program.