Resident Reflection: GPS…Revisited

by Kate

i get so caught up in them.
Everything I do.
i could memorize dates of the entirety of ancient Greece,
but if you asked me to explain Greek history to you?
not a chance.
i always thought myself to be a “right-brained” thinker,
you know, the creative, artsy-fartsy type who plays her clarinet down by the river.
but now?
I’m not so sure.
Somehow, between 29 years of Christian schools, church, Sunday School, family devotions, and youth group, i stuck God into a little box labeled ‘details.’
Sure, i let Him out when it was convenient – to answer questions in Sunday School, or to spout off chatecisms at my confirmation.
but to let Him ALL the way out of the box?
that would be too big, too confusing.
because God is huge.
and i couldn’t handle that.
and then i got this roadmap
better yet, a GPS.
i could see where God had been, where He is now, and better yet, what the final destination is
i can see how the whole trip fits together.
it’s like looking at a whole mountain range, not just one peak.
i can see the very beginning, when it was God alone.
i can see creation, the fall.
i can see the promise God made that he would redeem man.
i can see the ages in history of Kings and prophets who watched and waited for this promised Messiah.
And then?
He came.
And rose, defeating death, and with it the sins of all men.
i live in an age where we once again wait, this time for the return of this Messiah who defeated death
my heart pounds in anticipation for the day He will tke me with Him to heaven to reign with Him.
but my heart breaks for those who rejected Him and will be left to suffer the reign of satan.
but my hope?
my lies in the big picture.
not the God-in-a-box I once imagined.
My hope lies in the wedding gown i will wear
and the kind i will worship forever.
my hope lies in the pormise of no evil, no sufering
only perfect communion with my God
my BIG God
my eternal God
my un-boxed God.

Shared with permission. Written by one of the VOH girls upon learning about God’s Plan for the Ages.

Jocelyn Wallace
Jocelyn was the executive director of the Vision of Hope residential treatment center ( on the campus of Faith Ministries until 2013. Her experience in the biblical counseling field goes back to 2002, and includes work in parachurch organizations and Faith Biblical Counseling Ministries.