Pastoral Training Reinvented

A New Paradigm for Seminary M.Div. Training: Pastoral Training from Pastoral Mentors

In the traditional seminary model, students are often disconnected from the local church, gain very little practical ministry experience, and graduate with sizeable debt. At Faith Bible Seminary (FBS) we’ve turned that model on its head by partnering with strong local churches. Here’s how it works:

  1. Embedded in the Church: The M.Div. student is hired by a local church for a three-year paid ministry internship. The student commutes to FBS in Lafayette, Indiana, or participates via video technology one day per week and occasional modular classes.
  2. Engaged with the Church and Community: Students graduate with hands-on local church ministry experience—taking what is learned in the classroom to the church and the community.
  3. Debt-Free Education: Through our unique partnership with local churches and through the church internship process, students graduate debt free.
  4. Local Church Benefit: Local churches benefit by receiving ministry assistance from a well-equipped seminary student and by being actively involved in equipping students for ministry.
  5. An International and Multiethnic Focus: FBS is especially interested in recruiting and equipping international students for ministry and in enrolling and equipping minority candidates for M.Div. training.

The Next Steps

FBS’s next M.Div. cohort begins in August 2019 (applications can be received starting now). For more information:

  • Overview: Find a more detailed overview of the FBS M.Div. here
  • Connect: Call or text an enrollment specialist at: 765-589-1026. Or email our Dean of Enrollment Management:
  • Alumni: Hear what alumni are saying

  • Testimonials: Hear additional testimonials
  • Our Vision: Hear Faith Church’s Senior Pastor, Dr. Steve Viars, discuss the history and future of FBS

Bob KellemenBob Kellemen
Dr. Bob Kellemen is the founder of RPM Ministries, a ministry of equipping people to change lives with Christ’s changeless truth. He has authored several books, is a professor of Christian Counseling and Discipleship at Capital Bible Seminary in Maryland, and serves as the Executive Director of the Biblical Counseling Coalition.